After logging in, a list of the day's meetings will display [View Image].

  • Select the information icon to view meeting information (e.g., location, date and time, attendees, attachments, webconference information).
  • Select a specific workspace from the dropdown menu to see your scheduled meetings within that workspace*.

*Meetings set as private in the Outlook or Google Workspace calendar will not appear on the Synappx Meeting Launcher.
*The audio device power must be on and the client PC Bluetooth must be enabled for automatic audio connection at the start of the meeting. Some speakers require manually selecting Bluetooth pairing mode on the device.

You can start a meeting by double-tapping the meeting, selecting the meeting and selecting Start or selecting start from the five-minute countdown timer. [View Image]. Please note the following prerequisites:​

  • The scheduled meeting is in your calendar (Outlook or Google Workspace).
  • MirrorOp (Barco) for wePresent receivers Get Download
  • Synappx Meeting Cast Assist is installed on the PC for screen casting with Miracast technology
  • PC is connected to a corporate network

When you start the scheduled meeting, the following actions occur automatically:

  1. Synappx Meeting Assistant opens with meeting attachments
  2. MirrorOp or Miracast and Synappx Meeting Cast Assist launch (depends on administrator settings, PIN may be required to connect)
  3. Scheduled web conference begins (if web conference information is included in the meeting invite)
  4. Meeting timer begins counting down

Note: For privacy reasons, screen mirroring will not start automatically. Select the Play icon to start mirroring your PC screen to the display.

If the workspace is not licensed, the start button will be grey and disabled.


Screen Casting with Miracast (Beta)

Automatic screen casting with Miracast is available as a beta release when Synappx Meeting Cast Assist is installed and an administrator configures the casting receiver to use Miracast.

  1. Start a meeting with the Synappx Meeting Launcher. The Synappx Meeting Assistant and Synappx Meeting Cast Assist app will launch automatically.
  2. Enter the PIN when requested to start casting.
  3. End the meeting and disconnect casting by selecting the End button. [View Image]

Note: When ending casting manually using the Synappx Meeting Cast Assist or native Miracast application UI, you still need to select End to end the meeting.


Synappx mDesk Experience: Remote Meetings

If you have the Synappx mDesk Experience (available with a Synappx Go license) and Synappx Meeting enabled in the workspace, you will see an option to join the meeting remotely or at the workspace.

Select Skip if you are joining the meeting remotely and do not require in-room device connections. [View Image]


Multiple Workspace Displays

When multiple display devices are configured in a workspace, you will see the option to select a display for automatic PC mirroring. [View Image]


Start a Web Meeting and Connect to Room Audio

When a scheduled meeting includes a web conference, the web conference application will be launched and the meeting session will begin. (For a list of supported web conference services, go to System Requirements.)

Note: The Auto Connect Audio Device option will only appear if audio Bluetooth connection is configured by an administrator.

To auto-connect to an in-room audio device via Bluetooth, a dialog box will appear when you start a meeting. Select Audio Device and Connect. De-select Audio Device if you do not want to connect the device or select Skip to opt out. [View Image]

Auto-connect for casting and audio is the default setting. Go to settings  to manage auto-connect settings. [View Image]

Synappx Meeting can help coordinate ad hoc meetings.

The following actions can be performed without having a scheduled meeting:

  • Invite attendees
  • Set up a web conference session
    • Microsoft Teams (default for Microsoft 365 users)
    • Google Meet (default for Google Workspace users)
    • Zoom Meeting (additional settings required for ad hoc meetings)
  • Book a meeting room
  • Utilise automated casting
  • Utilise automated Bluetooth audio device connection
  • Access shortcuts and recent cloud storage documents
  • Track meeting time

Start a meeting in a Workplace

  1. Select Meet Now.
  2. The Ad Hoc Meeting Description window will open [View Image].
  3. Select a workspace under Location.
  4. If a web conference is not required, select Start. If not, see Create a Web Conference. If the workspace is not available, a notification will pop up. In that case, select a different workspace.

    The Synappx meeting launcher will open and your PC will connect to the room display and audio (if configured by your administrator).


Ad Hoc meetings with Zoom

If you want to use Zoom for ad hoc meetings:

  1. Go to Settings > Web Conference.
  2. Toggle Zoom. (A teal toggle indicates that Zoom is enabled [View Image].


Create a Web Conference 

Web conferences are set to use Microsoft Teams for Microsoft 365 users and Google Meet for Google Workspace users.

  1. Select Meet Now.
  2. The Ad Hoc Meeting Description window will open [View Image].
  3. Select a web conference from the dropdown menu (Microsoft Teams for Microsoft 365 users, Google Meet for Google Workspace users, or Zoom). 

    Note: To access the user directory and add attendees, you will be required to log in to Synappx Meeting again. A new permission screen will be displayed for Microsoft 365 users to enable access to user directory. For Google Workspace, contact an administrator for support.

  4. Type a few characters and users from the directory will populate. Select the attendee(s). Then select Add.
  5. Select Start.

A web conference will begin and invitations will be sent to attendees while your PC automatically connects to the display and the meeting room audio.


  • Ad hoc meetings are set for 60 minutes [View Image].
  • The meeting can be extended by 30 minutes by selecting the icon [View Image]. If the workspace is available, the meeting will be extended. If the workspace is not available, a notification will pop up.
  • If an ad hoc meeting ends early, the calendar updates automatically. This can be changed in Settings.


Casting and Automatic Input Switch

Some display devices support multiple inputs. Since the device input may not be set to use screen casting, Synappx Meeting v2.3 and later supports auto-input switch. Once the casting input is configured by a Synappx administrator, the device will switch to the casting input when a meeting is started or when the casting button is selected [View Image].

When multiple devices are configured for casting in the workspace, Synappx Meeting will prompt you to select the display device when you start a meeting or cast your PC. When the display is selected, your PC will project to the device [View Image].