You can perform copy jobs and save copy settings with Synappx Go without touching the MFP control panel. To view models that support copy, go to the MFP & Display Support

CAUTION: The MFP will show one screen on the control panel during copy operation. DO NOT press Exit or the job will be cancelled. The screen will disappear automatically once the copy job is completed. If you see multiple screens that require touch, contact your administrator to correct the MFP configuration. 


  • Ensure the MFP is awake (i.e. not in sleep mode) and showing the home screen before using Synappx for copying. 

  • If a feature (e.g. staple, LCC-large capacity trays) is not available on the selected MFP model, the copy job will be processed with the default setting. 

  • MFP models process long edge feed and short edge feed copy jobs differently and may result in unexpected combinations. It is recommended to process a test copy when using this setting. 

  • Only single page copy is supported from the MFP glass. 


Background Operation 

Note: Foreground operation is not shown but is also supported by selecting Scan, Print and Copy from the Synappx Go home screen. 

  1. Tap the MFP NFC tag. A notification to open the Synappx Go Scan, Print and Copy screen will display on your phone. 
  2. Copy [View Image].
  3. The copy page will open. Adjust the copy settings. Place the document to be copied in the document feeder or on the glass and select Copy [View Image].
  4. A confirmation screen will indicate the copy job is in process [View Image]

To view or change any copy setting, select the gear icon on the Copy page before pressing the Copy [View Image] [View Image].