How it Works

Here is a summary of the steps to set up and configure Synappx Go and Synappx Meeting workspace mode. The following sections describe each step in more detail. Before following the steps, please ensure to read the prerequisites:

Set up Synappx Workspaces/Meeting Rooms
Install Applications Using Synappx Collaboration Hub Installer
Install Synappx Go Display Agent on an In-Room PC
Associate a Room Display and Agent to Workspace
Associate NFC Tags
Install Synappx Meeting App on In-Room PC
Install Client Applications on In-Room PC
Add Users & Assign Licenses
Validate Installation of Synappx Collaboration Hub
Reset Room
Synappx Go Client Setup
Admin Portal for Google Workspace
Admin Settings

A single installer is available to facilitate installation, the Synappx Collaboration Hub Installer can be downloaded from the Synappx Admin Portal, Synappx Go’s Agent download section. Select Synappx Collaboration Hub Installer to download the file [View Image]