Add Workspaces

Workspaces can be meeting rooms, huddle rooms, individual offices, or common areas where MFPs or displays are located—wherever collaboration happens. Create or import workspaces from Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace on the Synappx Go Admin Portal Workspaces page.

To add a workspace from your directory, select (+)[View Image]

From the Add Workspace window, you can import workspaces from Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

The Admin Portal Workspaces screen allows you to manage Synappx workspaces:

  • View the license status summary including the Total number of Workspaces and Licenses, Active Licenses, and Inactive Licenses
  • Assign or remove licenses
  • View All, Search, select, add and remove workspaces
  • View the License Status, Location, Features, Email, and Actions options for each workspace

Image shows Microsoft 365 as an example.

Note: Characters may be case sensitive.

  1. Type a few characters in the Workspace Name box. Microsoft 365 or Google workspaces will appear. Select the workspace(s) to import. When finished, select Save. [View Image]
  2. To add workspace groups, first check the Groups box. Then follow step 1.

  1. Select the Import Multiple Workspaces icon. [View Image]
  2. Follow the three-step process stated in the Import of Multiple Workspaces window. The CSV file has a maximum of 50 workspaces and 500KB. [View Image]
  3. Select Choose File.
  4. Choose your file and select Open. [View Image] The selected .csv file must be a Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File. [View Image]
  5. The file will attach in the Import Multiple Workspaces window. Select Save.

Once workspaces are imported to the Synappx Admin Portal, a license needs to be assigned to each workspace to enable Synappx Meeting.

Select the target workspace and select Assign License. 

Licenses can also be assigned using the options menu. The license status summary will be displayed on the top of the Workspaces page. [View Image]

You can manage workspace license in the workspace page:

  1. License status
  2. Add/remove workspace, assign/remove license
  3. License assign status per workspace
  4. Assign or remove license from the Actions option

Image shows Microsoft 365 as an example.

  1. Select Manual Input. [View Image]
  2. Type the workspace name in the respective field. Type a location if desired.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Repeat to add more workspaces.

Note: Manual workspaces do not have calendars associated with them and have more limited Meet features.

  1. Select the workspace.
  2. Select Edit. [View Image]
  3. The Workspace information box will pop up for editing. [View Image]
  4. Select OK when finished.