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  • An email containing the Synappx Admin Portal URL will be sent to the assigned administrator when your organisation signs up for Synappx. Google Workspace admins must complete the Admin Console setup before logging in to the Admin Portal. See Synappx Admin Portal for more information.
  • The first administrator to log in must have admin privileges for Azure Active Directory or Google Workspace to authorise Synappx Go features for users. Subsequent administrators do not require Azure or Google Workspace admin access.
  • If you are an existing Synappx customer (prior to v3.0) who previously opted into Microsoft permissions, ensure you or your users have already or now opt in to calendar access to enable use of the Synappx Collaboration Hub meeting features.  

1. Use your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 credentials to log in to the Synappx Admin Portal via the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. After typing your email in the Synappx log in page, select the Log in to Microsoft 365 button if you are using Microsoft credentials and Log in with Google Workspace if you are using Google credentials. [View Image - Microsoft 365] [View Image - Google Workspace]

2. Microsoft 365: Check the Consent on behalf of your organisation box and select Accept. [View Image]

Google Workspace: If login fails, go to the Google Workspace Admin Console and add the Synappx API scope.

Note: Agreement with the Terms of Use is only required with the initial Admin Portal login. 

3. Review the Terms of Use (Synappx Privacy Policy) for Synappx Go users (and Synappx Meeting if also licensed). These Terms of Use are only granted to users for Synappx application use. Select Agree to continue.

4. If you have licensed Synappx Go and Synappx Meeting, both options will appear in the pop-up window. Select Synappx Go. [View Image]

The Synappx Go Admin Portal homepage will appear. [View Image]