Associate NFC Tags

Once you have assigned MFPs or displays to a workspace, use the Synappx Go app to associate NFC tags with MFPs, displays, check-in locations, and assigned workspaces.

Note: Existing Synappx mobile users need to update the Synappx app to v3.1 and re-log in to proceed with NFC tag setup and other mobile uses.

1.    Download Synappx Go from the Apple® App store or Google Play™ store.

Apple Store logoPlay Store logo

Note: The sign-in information only needs to be entered the first time you sign in to the app unless you change your password, log out, or do not use the app for 30 days.

2.    Open the Synappx Go app. When prompted, enter your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace credentials and accept the permissions request [View Image] [View Image].

Note: When an MFP or display associated with a workspace needs to be set up, an exclamation mark will appear. You can sort by workspace name or by workspaces requiring NFC tag setup. Check-in can be configured for any workspace.

3.    The Select Workspace screen will appear. All configured workspaces will display. Select a workspace [View Image].

4.    A list of devices and a check-in option will appear below the workspace. Select a device or select the display agent.  

Note: A smaller light grey NFC image indicates the device does not yet have an associated NFC tag. A darker grey, larger icon indicates a tag has been associated.

5.    Confirm the workspace information is correct. Then, tap a new NFC tag to associate the tag with the display [View Image].

6.    You will see a notification upon successfully associating the device. Repeat for all other workspaces.

Note: After configuration, the NFC tag ID for each configured device will automatically appear on the Synappx Go Admin Portal workspaces page. 

NFC tag settings can be changed on the mobile app by going to Settings > NFC Tag.