Optional Settings

Synappx Meeting allows you to set preferences in settings. Options include calendar update, shortcuts and cloud storage. [View Image]

Launch at Startup

Synappx Meeting opens at computer startup by default. Select the toggle to disable startup launch.

Auto-Start Casting

When you start a meeting with Synappx Meeting, you have the option of disabling automatic casting. All other elements of Synappx Meeting occur (e.g., scheduled web conference, Meeting Assistant), and you start casting manually. Automatic casting is enabled by default. Select the toggle to disable.

Automatic Meeting Material Upload (Microsoft 365)

Auto-upload of meeting materials is disabled by default (see Share Meeting Materials). Select the toggle to enable auto-upload.

Cloud Storage

Configure cloud storage settings for quick access during meetings. See Access to Cloud Storage for more information.


The About tab provides version and license information and links to the support site, privacy policy, and EULA.

Calendar Update

You have the option to update the calendar when a meeting ends early. By default, ad hoc meetings are setup to update the calendar, but not scheduled meetings. By enabling this option, you can free the room for other team members.


Shortcuts help you quickly access frequently used document storage (local or cloud folders) or websites.

To configure shortcuts: [View Image]

  • Go to Synappx Meeting settings and select Shortcuts
  • Click "+" to add a shortcut
  • Enter the name of the shortcut and path or URL
  • Upload an icon file to easily differentiate the icon from other shortcut icons (optional)

Once the shortcut is created, the icon will be displayed in the Synappx Meeting Assistant. [View Image]

Saving and Exporting Shortcuts

Synappx Meeting shortcuts can be saved and exported to other Synappx installations.

1.  From the Shortcuts tab in Settings, select the icon to save configurations for export. 
2. File explorer will appear. Select the folder destination to save the shortcut file and enter a file name. Then click Save. [View Image]
3. Open the Synappx Meeting shortcut settings screen and select the import icon to import the file.
4. Locate the file and select Open to import the shortcut file. [View Image]
5. Confirm the shortcut files are imported from the Shortcuts tab of the Settings window. [View Image]