Automatic Input Switch

Synappx Go automatic input switching helps users quickly access Go-enabled Sharp interactive whiteboard (IWB) displays. Once boards are configured, users do not need to manually change the display input to share content or use the Meet features. In many cases, users do not know the correct input for the display PC or may not be able to find the remote. Setting the default input from this page can also automatically return the display to it’s default condition after collaboration including after completion of meetings through use of the Synappx Go Meet feature. This time-saving auto input feature also minimises contact with display equipment.

Preconditions for Go Auto-Input Switch Configuration

  • Administrator has administrative permission to make changes to supported display devices
  • Go display agents V2.2 or later are installed, updated, and associated to workspaces (Admin Portal)
    • NFC tag association with the display can be completed after display information page setup but must be done before users access Synappx Go
  • Users have Go version 2.2 (or later)
  • Users who use the Synappx Go and Meeting combined Meet features must update the Go agent version 3.0 or later

Note: If Go agent displays are not configured for auto-input switching (default), users must change the display manually if not on the correct input.   If agent displays are not configured with a default input, users would manually switch the input (if different than the PC input) after collaboration.

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Automatic Input Switch Usage
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