Windows Defender Firewall Configuration


If print jobs are not received by the MFP agent PC, it may be necessary to open either or both inbound port(s) 9100 and 515 on the MFP agent server by creating rules on the machine’s Windows firewall.

Note: From version 2.0, the agent automatically opens the inbound port as part of the installation.

The following procedure uses Windows 10 as an example if manual port opening is required.

  1. Launch the Windows Defender Control Panel. Then launch the Windows Firewall applet. [View Image]
  2. The main Windows Defender Firewall interface is shown below. Select Advanced Settings. [View Image]
  3. The Advanced Security window will pop up. Select Inbound Rules. The goal is to allow inbound TCP traffic to the MFP agent on either or both ports 9100 and 515. This allows print jobs to be sent securely and held at the MFP agent until they are released for printing by the Synappx Go mobile app. [View Image]
  4. Select the New Rule option on the Actions pane at the far right. [View Image]
  5. The Rule Type window will pop open. Select the Port rule type. Then select Next. [View Image]
  6. On the Protocol and Ports window, select the TCP option and then select the Specific local ports option. In the adjacent field, enter the port(s) you wish to open for traffic. You can select 9100 (RAW), 515 (LPR) or both. The example below uses both ports. Select Next when finished. [View Image]

  7. Select Allow the connection and then select Next. [View Image]

  8. In the Profile window, select one or more of the available options. In most cases, selecting Domain should suffice. Then click Next. [View Image]

  9. Give the rule a convenient Name and Description and then click Finish. [View Image]

  10. The rule is enabled by default, as shown below. You may now close the Windows Defender Firewall applet. [View Image]