Install Client Applications on In-Room PC

To fully enjoy Synappx Collaboration Hub, it is recommended to install the following client applications: 

•    Microsoft Office Application
 When documents are opened in the web browser, limitations would apply, such as no remote operation capability. It is always recommended to open documents using the client applications (additional Microsoft license may apply).  
•    Chrome and Edge Browser
Install the latest Chrome and Edge browser. 
•    Web Conference Client Application
To include as many users as possible, it is best that the client applications for every web conference application which Synappx Collaboration Hub supports are installed. These are listed below: 

Supported Web Conference Services  
The following web conference services are supported for auto-start *When the web conference is started with its client application. Auto-meeting end using web browser-based meetings are not supported.

Microsoft® Teams

  • Client app – Full support
  • Web browser (join as a guest), screen share is not automatic
  • Ad-hoc meeting supported for the MS 365 environment
  • Client app - Full support
  • Ad-hoc meeting supported
Google Meet™ (end meeting not supported due to its browser-based nature)
  • Web browser Only (join as a guest)
  • Ad-hoc meeting supported for the Google Workspace environment


  • Client app  (join as a guest)
  • Web browser (Join as a guest)
  • Ad-hoc meeting is not supported


The best experience is achieved via client application installed on the in-room PC.  When the web conference is joined as a guest, other participants are required to admit the display device to join the meeting. 

•    Sharp Pen Software 
Sharp Pen Software helps collaborate and engage with attendees. Using Synappx Go application, when installed on the in-room PC, the Pen Software application can be opened and controlled remotely.  All actions are also shared with remote audiences.