There is no pre-defined set up for the Copy feature.

  1. Place the document to copy in the MFP feeder or place a single page on the glass.
  2. Select Copy. [View Image]                                       
  3. Check the copy settings and, if desired, touch the default copy settings to select another option.  Optionally, you can also select the gear icon in the upper right corner to view and change any of the supported copy settings. [View Image] [View Image] [View Image] Note:  Some settings are only available in the full licensed version.  Options include:
  • Number of copier
  • 2-Sided copy settings
  • Color mode settings
  • Staple
  • Paper select
  • Copy ratio                 
  1. Select Copy.
  2. You are prompted to scan the Synappx QR code on the MFP front panel.  Press OK on that page and your camera will automatically open (note: the first time, you will be asked to allow the Synappx Go app to access your camera). [View Image]                                
  3. Point your phone at the MFP Synappx QR code.  Depending on the MFP model, you may have to select the Synappx Go – No Login button or Advanced button, then Synappx Go – No Login button on the front panel before the QR code is displayed.  Note:  In the future, some models will be configurable so QR codes can be shown on the MFP home screen (with no touch required. [View Image - A3] [View Image - A4]
  4. When the mobile camera captures the QR code image, MFP will start to copy and you will see the success screen.  The app returns to the home page.  Note:  You need to scan the QR code again is you want to copy another document. [View Image]

You can easily upgrade from the unlicensed version to the more featured, licensed Synappx Go app once you have a license and your Admin has completed the full Synappx Go system configuration.  After that Admin set-up, simply go to Settings (upper left corner) and select Log In. [View Image]

You will be prompted to enter your normal user log in credentials.  Once confirmed, you will have access to full Synappx Go features.  See Synappx Go User Support for details.