Install Synappx Meeting App on In-Room PC

(Skip steps 1-8 if the Synappx Go Meeting app is installed using Synappx Collaboration Hub Installer).

Synappx Meeting application is designed for both laptop BYOD for screen casting and the new workspace mode experience. Synappx Meeting application is available via the Microsoft Windows Store. 

Note: Some organisations add restrictions to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace accounts. Ensure users have permission to download apps from the Microsoft® Store.

Download Synappx Meeting to in-room PC from the Microsoft® Store. 

  1. Open the Windows® Start menu.
  2. Start typing store.
  3. Select the Microsoft Store app [View Image].
  4. Type Synappx Meeting in the Microsoft Store Search bar.
  5. Select the Synappx meeting app. 
  6. The app description page will open. Select Get [View Image].
  7. The app will begin downloading. Accept the download if a dialogue box requests permission. After the download is complete, Synappx Meeting will open automatically.
  8. Log in to the Synappx Meeting application using the meeting room resource account. The Synappx Meeting application is automatically set for Workspace mode.  (MS 365 only. For Google Workspace, login is not required)
  9. Synappx Meeting displays a meeting list for the resource. (Microsoft 365 only) [View Image].

After a complete configuration, when a user taps the NFC tag, a meeting is automatically started and displays the timer [View Image].

  1. Tap an NFC tag.
  2. The Synappx UI on the display changes to the meeting room timer.
  3. The UI can be expandable to gain more information.

Synappx Collaboration Feature Comparison Chart


Laptop Mode (installed on each user's client PC)*

Workspace Mode*
Auto-start casting/mirroring NA
Auto-start web conference
Access to attachments ✅ Use Synappx Go app
Access to cloud storage ✅ Use Synappx Go app
Meeting timer
Web conference control NA (Via Web Conference UI)
Screen share on/off NA ✅ Use Synappx Go app
Camera on/off NA ✅ Use Synappx Go app
Volume control NA ✅ Use Synappx Go app
Microphone mute/unmute NA ✅ Use Synappx Go app
Access to Pen Software NA ✅ Use Synappx Go app
Shortcuts NA
Update calendar with end time
Extend meeting time ✅ Use Synappx Go app
End meeting reminder
Start meeting countdown

*Meeting Room (Licensed workspace only)