Man presenting at small workgroup hybrid meeting

Synappx Collaboration Hub

Smarter meetings with better collaboration.

 What is Synappx Collaboration Hub?

Today, your team members are on the road, working from home or right down the hall. To collaborate successfully, you need smarter meetings that allow everyone to contribute no matter where they are. To achieve this, any user needs to be able to start, control, and end meetings in a simple, intuitive way.

The newly-introduced Synappx Collaboration Hub allows you to be more productive, providing flexibility and confidence during a meeting though consistent user experience. The Synappx solutions help you conduct meetings comfortably in the shared office spaces through automated meeting start. Furthermore, hybrid meetings become more productive as Synappx helps engage both in-room and remote meeting participants.


Supported Meeting Types

In-Person Audience BYOD Device

In-Room Compute (PC)

Screen Casting Remote Audience (Web Conf) Ad-Hoc Meeting Scheduled Meeting Synappx Solution
N/A N/A N/A Synappx Go
N/A Synappx Meeting
(ClickShare®, Miracast®, Google Cast™)

Synappx Collaboration Hub (Synappx Meeting Workspace mode with Synappx Go “Meet”)

* Laptop via web conference.


Home Office to Shared Office 

Synappx Collaboration Hub helps bring dynamic collaboration to the hybrid workplace, sparking creativity and innovation.  Simply tap an NFC tag with your smartphone, select a meeting from your mobile device, and Synappx automatically starts web conference sessions.  Meetings also can be ended with one click, which closes any uploaded content and disconnects all devices used during the meeting. 

Synappx helps:

  • Auto-start web meetings* 
  • Auto-connect audio and camera
  • Remotely operate web conference and files from smartphone
  • Close content, end and disconnect meeting with one click

* Refer to System Requirements for a list of supported web conference applications.


Collaboration Matters - Room Scale Hybrid Meetings

Adoption of web conferences has increased dramatically. Many meetings now involve both in-room and remote participants. One of the common challenges for meeting organisers is keeping remote participants engaged.

Synappx Collaboration Hub helps both the in-room and remote audience be fully engaged. In-room camera and audio are connected seamlessly for the web conference, and obtaining meeting content is easier than ever. Dynamic content sharing is done with a simple NFC tap, all contents and actions can be shared with both in-room and remote audiences, and you can access contents from your favourite cloud storage folders or quickly access documents attached in the meeting invitation. 

Synappx helps:

  • Room-scale audio and camera connectivity
  • Access meeting invite attachments*
  • Access files in cloud storage and remotely operate shared contents (e.g., PowerPoint slideshows)
  • Access web pages and other apps – all actions are shared with remote and in-room audience
  • Pen Software whiteboard discussion can be shared with all audience members

* Available only for Microsoft 365 users