Synappx Go Client Setup (For Users)

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Synappx Go application for users is available from App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android smartphones. Please note that NFC capability varies per  smartphone, and that not all phones can detect NFC tags.

Note: The mobile app needs to be updated to V3.2. If you have an older Synappx Go application than V3.0, uninstall and reinstall the app.

Once users install the app, they will need to log in to the Synappx Go application using their normal Microsoft or Google Workspace email address. Please note that users will see “Without Login” option. This is designed for the free version of Synappx Go, which only  allows devices to connect to Sharp MFPs. Once the licensed user has logged in, they will be guided through a wizard to set up access to their cloud storage files and set their preferences for other Synappx Go features. See Synappx Go wizard instructions for more details.

For facilitated trouble shooting in case of errors. Optionally, users can capture the mobile application log (default ON) sent to the Sharp Synappx Support. The log data only includes the application event logs, not personal information stored and accessed on the phone. These settings are found in the Diagnostics section under Settings on each Synappx Go mobile application.