During a Meeting

When the meeting is started, Synappx Meeting will display a meeting timer on the display. The interface can be minimised to the toolbar or enlarged to provide you with a larger timer view. 

In the Synappx Go app on the user’s smartphone, productivity features will become available for the meeting [View Image]

1.    Meeting Timer and Information

  • Meeting room timer 
  • Meeting extension option to extend the meeting for 30 mins based on the resource availability
  • Attendee information

2.    Meeting invite attachments
Access to documents attached to the meeting invite. (Document links are not supported)

3.    Launch trackpad (beta) and Pen Software

4.    Web conference remote control

  • Screen share on/off
  • Camera on/off
  • Microphone mute/unmute
  • Volume up/down 

Users also can navigate meeting main page (MEET), file access from the cloud storage (FILES), and remote file control (CONTROL) by tapping the tabs.