Add Users & Assign Licenses

The Admin Portal (Synappx Go section) Users page allows you to manage the users in your organisation who access Synappx Go features on the mobile application. [View Image]

You can assign and remove licenses to and from users on this page:

  • License status
  • Add/remove users, assign/remove license
  • License assign status per user

Optional: Add user ID card numbers if MFPs are “locked” by PaperCut MF or Native Authentication.  Guest users (who are frequently at your company) can also be invited to be Synappx guest users.

Synappx admins can add any user within Azure AD or Google Workspace (if the Google Workspace account permits). If there are multiple Synappx tenants within the same Azure AD, each domain can only be associated with one account at a time.

Images show Microsoft 365 as an example.

  1. Go to the Users page and select (+). [View Image]
  2. Add User window opens. Type a few characters in the User Name field. Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace users will populate the dropdown list. Select the user from the list, then select Save. [View Image]
  3. Groups of users may be added using the same procedure by first checking the Groups box. Repeat until all desired users are added.  Users appear as inactive on the Users page. [View Image]

See Guest Users section for details on supported features and limitations.

  1. Select the Add Multi-Users icon from the Add User window.
  2. The Import Multiple Users window will appear. Follow the Process guidelines. The file has a maximum of 50 users and 500KB. [View Image] (Note: The selected file must be a Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File). [View Image]
  3. Select Choose File. Choose the .csv file from the document library. Then select Open. [View Image]
  4. The uploaded file will appear in the Process pop-up window. Select Save. Users in the .csv file will be added to the Users list on the Users page. [View Image]

From the Users page, check the box(es) of the user(s) to license and select Assign License. [View Image]

License status will change to Active. Newly licensed users will receive automatic notification emails with instructions to download and set up the Synappx Go mobile app.

Note: Users can further be configured for “check in” features as well as mobile ID card authentication via rf IDEAS BLE (Bluetooth) reader for MFPs. 

From this Users page, you can allow frequent guest users to use the Synappx Go mobile app and Synappx Meeting to access Sharp MFPs and display features.  For example, a real estate broker can invite real estate agents who use their office (but have separate email domains) to use Synappx Go to easily share image or proposal files to a meeting room displays with co-workers or clients.  The guest user can also scan, copy or print cloud files with their own personal settings from the mobile.  Users can be a Synappx guest user for multiple companies but must be provided with a Synappx Go license in each company.

Note:  The following table describes the Synappx Go features that different kinds of guest users can access. 

Synappx Go Guest User Support by Login Type

Features Microsoft 365 Guest*1 Google Workspace Guest*1 Custom Synappx Account Guest
Print Cloud Files
Print Release 
Locked MFPs
Share to Display      
Recently Modified, Search, Browse Files
Share Files to Download, View and Edit
Browser Based File Editing
Remote Control Downloaded Files
Start Scheduled Meeting (If Invited) ✅*2 ✅*2
End Scheduled Meeting (If Invited) ✅*2 ✅*2
Meeting Control Page Access ✅*2 ✅*2
Meeting Information Page ✅*2 ✅*2
Create Ad Hoc Meeting ✅*2 *3 ✅*2 *3
Check In

*1 Guest users who have existing Synappx Go logins to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace may be requested to accept an additional calendar access permission to use Meet features. *2 Guest users can join scheduled meetings to which they are invited for (a) the first host company that added them as a guest OR (b) their home Synappx tenant if also a regular licensed Synappx Go user. *3 For ad hoc meetings, a guest, user can start an ad hoc meeting for their home company (if they have a home Synappx license) OR a workspace in the first company that added user as a guest; however, the workplace in the guest company will not be checked, booked or meeting extended on the guest tenant calendar.

Note: Google Workspace guest users must have the Admin for their company accept the required Synappx scopes in order for that user to be able to access Synappx guest features.  User is notified of this requirement during the initial guest acceptance process.  

To invite a guest user from the Users page:

  1. Select the + icon.
  2. At the bottom of the Add Users page, enter the guest email address, first name and last name.  Press Save. [View Image]
  3. An email (example below) is sent to the guest notifying them that your company has invited them to be a Synappx Guest. [View Image]   
  4. The guest name is shown on the Admin Portal Users page as a Guest (Unverified) until the guest accepts and selects their log in provider (Microsoft 365 user, Google Workspace user or create a new Synappx custom account with their email). [View Image]
  5. If the guest accepts the invitation and log in provider to use to sign into the Synappx apps, the Admin Portal will show them as Guest.  You can resend an email if the guest didn’t receive it by selecting the envelope. [View Image] Assign a license for the guest (see section below) and the guest will receive an email with details on how to download and access the Synappx Go app.