Starting a Scheduled Meeting

When a user taps the NFC tag, the scheduled meeting will start.  Or, users can open Synappx Go  to select a scheduled meeting to start and then tap an NFC tag. Users can also create an ad hoc meeting and tap the NFC tag to start a new unscheduled meeting. When it is configured, Synappx changes the display input to in-room PC.

Users can start a meeting 10 mins before the scheduled meeting time. They can also start the meeting at a different licensed workspace, as long as the workspace is available and no other scheduled meeting in the workspace will start in 10 minutes or less. [View Image]

  1. Select to choose workspace.
  2. Start to start the select meeting.
  3. The plus + icon to create an ad-hoc meeting.

When the NFC tag is tapped, the following components will start automatically [View Image]

  • Start the scheduled web conference.
  • Connect in-room camera and audio (camera is on as default).

Note: Supported automated actions varies for web conference services