Admin Settings (Optional)

Admin users are administrators for the Synappx Admin Portal. Administrators manage key components such as workspaces, users, devices, and licenses. Administrators can also add and remove other administrators to and from the system. Additional admins do not require Azure administrator privileges. However, they need to be a member of the organisation’s Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace environment.  

Here is a list of features for full and support administrators.

Synappx Admin Portal (Common)

Page Functions Admin Support Admin
Workspaces View workspace list​
Workspaces Add workspace (manual)​
Workspaces Add workspace (import from Office 365/ Google Workspace)​
Workspaces Add workspaces with Group​
Workspaces Add workspace (import CSV)​
Workspaces Remove workspace​
Workspaces Edit workspace​
Admin User  View admin user list​ 
Admin User  Add/remove admin user​   
Admin User  Edit admin role       
Domains View supported domains list
Domains Refresh domain list
Domains Edit supported domain alias list​
Subscription View subscription list​
Report View report
Report Export report
System Log View and export log​
Admin Log View and export log​


Synappx Go

Page Functions​ Admin Support Admin
User View user list​
User Add user (import from Office 365/Google Workspace)​
User Add users with Group​
User Add user (import CSV)​
User Assign/remove license​
User Remove user​
Workspaces Add MFP​
Workspaces Add display​
Devices & Agents View workspace details
Devices & Agents Edit settings, re-discover, etc.
Notification​s View pages
Notifications Edit notification email setting​s
Download​s Download MFP agent​
Downloads Download display agent​
Agent Update​ Update agent​
Agents Update Update policy​


Synappx Meeting

Page Functions Admin Support Admin
Workspaces Register/remove device in workspace
Workspaces View workspace details
Workspaces Assign/remove license​


Full administrators can perform all functions on the Admin Portal after the primary admin accepts the initial permissions.

  1. Go to Admin Settings on the Admin Portal. On the Admin Users page, select (+).
  2. Type a few characters of the admin’s name in the Admin Name field. Names from your organisation will appear. Select names from the list.
  3. Under Role, select Admin for full administrative rights or Support Admin for limited capabilities. Admin is the default. See Administrator Management for more information. The role can be edited later by selecting the admin name [View Image].
  4. Select Save. The new administrator will appear on the Admin Users list.  

The Supported Domains page automatically collects domain aliases from Azure Active Directory or Google Workspace. The default setting is to enable all domains. 

Caution: If an admin disables a domain that is already selected, then the associated users and workspaces will also be disabled.

Admins can choose which domain aliases to enable or disable by checking and unchecking the boxes; these settings apply to Synappx Meeting and Synappx Go. Primary domains cannot be unselected. Select the refresh icon to view new domain aliases added to Azure AD or Google Workspace [View Image].

Microsoft 365 customers who licensed Synappx Meeting or Go before Version 1.3 may see a blue box with a link to opt in to the directory. Read all permissions to retrieve domains [View Image].

Other administrative features are available (e.g., Synappx Go agent update policies, Device and Agent management, mobile notification policies, etc.).  See the Administrator for Synappx Go   Administrator for Synappx Meeting for more details on those administrative features.