Add Workspaces

Workspaces can be meeting rooms, huddle rooms, individual offices or common areas where MFPs or displays are located—wherever collaboration happens. Create or import workspaces from Microsoft® 365 or Google Workspace™ on the Synappx Meeting Admin Portal Workspaces tab. [View Image]

To add a workspace from your directory, select (+).

From the Add Workspace window, you can import workspaces from Microsoft 365 or add workspaces manually.

Images show Microsoft 365 as an example.

  1. Type a few characters in the Workspace Name box. Microsoft 365 workspaces will appear. Select the workspace name(s) to import. When finished, click Save[View Image]
  2. To add workspace groups, first check the Groups box. Then follow the steps above.

  1. Select the Import Multiple Spaces icon.
  2. Follow the three-step process stated in the Import of Multiple Spaces window. The CSV file has a maximum of 50 workspaces and 500KB. [View Image]
  3. Select Choose File.
  4. Choose your file and select Open. The selected .csv file must be a Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Value File. [View Image]
  5. The file will attach in the Import Multiple Workspaces window. Select Save.

  1. Select Manual Input.
  2. Type the workspace name in the corresponding field. Type a location if desired.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Repeat to add more workspaces.