Associate a Room Display and Agent to Workspace 

After successful installation of the Synappx Go display agent on the in-room PC, now you can map the agent to a display in the target workspace. Navigate to Synappx Go Workspaces page on the Synappx Admin Portal.

1.    Select the target workspace and the Workspace Configuration screen appears. In the Display section, select the Display Agent plus icon to add a display agent [View Image]

Note: A display can only be assigned to one workspace at a time (i.e., it will not show in the available display list after being assigned until removed from the other workspace).

The Workspace Configuration screen includes:

  • Workspace Name, Location, Email, Note, and Edit button
  • MFP, Display, Bluetooth Audio, and Check In sections

The Display section includes:

  • Display number, name, plus (add) and minus (remove) icons
  • Display Agent plus (add) and minus (remove) icons
  • Casting / Mirroring plus (add) and minus (remove) icons

2.    Select the installed agent (PC name will be displayed) to assign and select OK [View Image].  

3.    Your workspace will now list the associated display agent in the Display section of the Workspace Configuration screen [View Image]

If you wish to achieve auto-input change, enter each display input used for the in-room PC and IP address of the display’s network board.  Select Configure and enter nickname for the display and IP address of the device NIC card (static IP) and the port used to communicate with the display (default 10008).

Once the workspace configuration is completed, including NFC tag mapping, display configuration (IP address for the display NIC) and Synappx Meeting application installation, you will see the C icon under Features on the Workspaces screen [View Image].