App Settings

The home screen menu button (three horizontal bars icon located in the upper left corner) has settings that the user can modify at any time [View Image].

Menu Options

  • Settings
  • Cloud Storage: Add or change cloud storage service(s)
  • Scan and Print: Add or change scan, print, and print cloud files options and defaults
  • Copy: Add or change copy options and defaults
  • Meet and Share:  Set preferences for Meet features and configure Zoom (optional).
  • Share to Display
    • Google Workspace Users Only: Set preferences (download or open files in browser)
    • OneDrive for Business Users Only: Set preferences (download or open files in browser)
  • ID Card:  Add or change your ID card number to unlock MFPs (if supported by your company) and change the strength of BLE signal detection for card readers.
  • Diagnostics:  If you experience issues with Synappx Go mobile app, you can send the mobile log to Sharp for troubleshooting.
  • Help: Online support, setup instructions, FAQs, troubleshooting and more
  • Logout:  Logs you out of the licensed app and switches to the unlicensed more limited version.