Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Verify the Synappx Admin Portal settings on the display match the display setup.
  2. Ensure the display agent is online and communicating with the Synappx Admin Portal.

  1. Ensure the display board has a static IP address.
  2. Follow the manual instructions for the display to enable telnet commands (the agent uses telnet commands to switch the input).
  3. Verify that the display agent can communicate directly with the display board using ping or a similar tool. The agent PC should be able to ping the display board.
  4. Try to open a telnet session from the agent PC using the username and password. (Windows 10 has telnet installed, but it may need to be enabled). Be sure to use the correct port to connect. Port 10008 is the default on Sharp monitors, but it is not the default telnet port.

  1. Connect the display agent PC to the board with the proper serial connector securely fastened.
  2. Follow the board manual instructions to enable RS-232C commands.
  3. Verify the communication port used on the agent PC.
  4. Ensure the serial connector or cable is correct. The cable must be a straight through cable, not a null modem or crossover cable. Avoid cables with chipsets. There are adapters available to change the gender of the serial connection. Ensure the adapter itself is not a null modem adapter (sometimes called a crossover).
  5. Verify the baud rate. The Admin Portal must match the board’s configured rate or the inputs will not switch.