Log In

1.  Having selected the licensed, full featured version, the app will alert you of the necessity of a Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account. Select OK.

Note: Auth0 cannot view your password. See the Synappx Security White Paper if you have further questions.

2.  Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA). Select Continue to allow the Synappx Go partner (Auth0) to securely validate your information with your company's Azure AD or Google Workspace system.

3.  Enter your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace email.  After entry of your full email address, select the Log in at Microsoft 365 or Log in at Google Workspace button. You will be prompted to enter your password in the Microsoft or Google pages.  You will not have to enter your credentials again unless you change your password, log out or do not use the app for 30 days. 

  • For licensed guest users who signed up for a Synappx specific account with a social email (e.g. gmail, Hotmail, yahoo), select Log in with custom account.  On the following page, enter the password you created for the Synappx custom account.
  • If you signed up as Microsoft O365 or Google Workspace licensed guest user, select the appropriate Microsoft or Google Log in button and enter your password.

4.  If you signed up as a licensed user Accept the permissions requested (necessary to support Synappx Go).

Note: For administrators, after the initial setup is complete, the next step is to associate NFC tags.  See Associate NFC Tags for more details.

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Note:  Microsoft 365 log in and permission acceptance example is below.  There is a similar flow for Google Workspace log in.

[View Image] Enter password on Microsoft page or enter information on your companies’ identity provider page  [View Image] [View Image]