System Requirements

Synappx Go Major Components

Mobile Application (iOS and Android™)

NFC Tags

MFP and Display Agents
Admin Portal
Cloud System (Microsoft® Azure)
Embedded MFP Apps (for selected A4 models and PaperCut or Native Authentication integration with Synappx Go)

A stable Internet connection is required.


For Synappx Collaboration Hub please refer to System Requirements.

Organisations must have a Microsoft® 365 or Google Workspace environment. Provider is designated after sign-up. If an organisation uses both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, the administrator must choose one cloud service provider for Synappx to synchronise with the calendar and users.

Note: Support is available for environments that have on-premise Active Directory® synchronised using Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) for user synchronisation. GCDS is often used to synchronise the data in an organisation’s Google domain with Microsoft Active Directory or the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server.


Microsoft 365® Service Plans  

Microsoft 365 Business

Basic*/Standard/ Premium


Microsoft 365 Enterprise E1*/E3/E5

Microsoft 365 Enterprise F1

Education Microsoft 365 Education A1*/A3/A5
Government Microsoft 365 Government G1*/G3/G5

*This package offers only the web or mobile version of Microsoft Office applications. Synappx Go requires Office applications to be installed on the display PC for full Collaboration Hub functionality. Otherwise, the file will open in the web browser.


Google Workspace™ Service Plans
Business Starter
Business Standard
Business Plus



MFP Agents

Microsoft Windows® 10 or greater or Windows Server 2016 or 2019, 32- or 64-bit

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher

Minimum 2.0 GHz processor

Minimum 4GB RAM

Minimum 75MB disk space (Requirements can vary based on the number of users and print jobs that the agent supports.)

Internet connectivity

Bandwidth minimum 5.0 Mbps/5.0 Mbps; recommend 10.0 Mbps/10.0 Mbps

Anti-virus software recommended



Display Agent (In room PC minimum req.)

Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit versions) Builds 1909 to 21H1 (Internet connection required)

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher

Minimum 2 GHz CPU; recommend core i5 or higher

Minimum 4GB RAM

Minimum 10MB disk space (Go Agent Only)

Minimum 500 MB (Collaboration Hub)

Microsoft Office client applications, Chrome™ Browser, Edge Browser and for Collaboration Hub, web conference client application (e.g. MS Teams) and other application such as video media player

Adobe® PDF reader for Google native files (view only)



Admin Portal
Browser-based: Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (latest versions)



NFC Tags

Sharp-provided or in select MFP models

See NFC Support Chart



Users and Admins

Supports 5,000 users

All users must:

  • Have Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace accounts
  • Be in Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) or Google Workspace Directory

Guest users can be added and licensed to access many Synappx Go features

First administrator to log in requires Azure AD or Google Workspace admin privileges



Supported Mobile Platform

Apple® iPhones®

  • iOS 14 to iOS 15, NFC support


  • 11 to 12, NFC support 


Note:  Companies have the option to integrate Synappx Go with PaperCut MF or Native Authentication. 

In addition to the licensed version of Synappx Go, there is another option to use a more limited version of Synappx Go mobile app that supports MFP scan to email and copy only.  The free version, Synappx Go Lite, does not require agent install or NFC tags. Synappx Go Lite enables simple copy and scan to email functions by scanning a QR Code.  To enable the Synappx Go Lite features, see Synappx Go Lite

The full version of Synappx Go can be unlocked when a user license is assigned, the Synappx Go agent is installed and an NFC tag is mapped. Once the full version is unlocked, users will have access to copy, expanded scan to email or cloud storage services, print from cloud, share to display, start meetings and more.