With this No Login scan feature, you can:

  • Scan to Me (scans to your email)
  • Scan to Email addresses
  • Scan to Favourites (pre-set email groups)

For time savings, you can optionally set up the following before using Scan.

  1. Select Scan. [View Image]
  2. To set up Scan to Me, enter your email address in the field above the box and select '+' to save into the box.  To later change the address, delete '–' the existing email, enter a new email and select '+'. [View Image]

  1. Select Scan from home page.
  2. You have two choices to save  Favourites:
    1. Select Scan to Email List, enter an email address and press '+' to add to the email list box.  Repeat as needed to add up to ten email addresses.  Change scan settings if desired.
    2. Or, select Scan to Me, enter your email, press '+' and modify scan settings.  
  3. Select the Star+ icon at the top of the page.  Enter a favourite group name and press OK.  The favourite list will be selectable each time you scan.  You can add up to five favourites. [View Image]


Make sure to enter the email addresses and scan settings before selecting the Star.

  1. Place the document to scan in the MFP feeder or place a single page on the glass.
  2. Select Scan.
  3. Select a scan destination (one of the following options). 
    1. For Scan to Me (sends to you with current scan settings). [View Image]
    2. For ad hoc Scan to Email List, enter each email and press '+' to add to list.  If you have provided access to your mobile contacts, names matching your typing will be shown as you type. [View Image]
    3. For pre-defined Favourites, select the Favourites selection icon at the top of the page and select the Favourite selection to use for scanning.  Note: You can delete a Favourite list by selecting the '–'.   You can also edit and Save changes to your Favourite collections by selecting the Pen icon for that Favourite.  Make sure to Save changes if you are editing. [View Image]
  4. Check the scan settings and, if desired, touch the default scan settings to select another option.  Optionally, you can also select the gear icon in the upper right corner to view and change any of the supported scan settings. [View Image] [View Image]  Note: Some settings are only available in the full licensed version.
  5. Select Scan.
  6. You are prompted to scan the Synappx QR code on the MFP front panel.  Press OK on that page and your camera will automatically open (note: the first time, you will be asked to allow the Synappx Go app to access your camera). [View Image]    
  7. Point your phone at the Synappx QR code.  Depending on the MFP model, you may have to select the Synappx Go – No Login button or Advanced button, then Synappx Go – No Log in button on the front panel before the QR code is displayed.   Note: Some models can be configurable so the Synappx QR codes can be shown on the MFP home screen (with no touch required).  Refer to the support site for supported model list. Updating to the latest firmware is always recommended for optimal functionality and security. [View Image -A3] [View Image -A3] [View Image - A4] [View Image - A4]
  8. When the mobile camera captures the Synappx QR code image, MFP scanning starts and you will see a scan success screen on your mobile.  The MFP front panel will also show the status.  Email with scan attached is sent from the MFP.  The app returns to the home page.  Note: You need to scan the QR code again if you want to scan another job. [View Image]