Automatic Input Switch Usage

Once display and Admin Portal configuration are complete, the feature is ready for Go users.

Auto input switching is supported in the following environments:

  • Display and Display PC are powered on, PC and display are not sleeping:
    • Display PC is already logged in (no user login is required to access display PC)
    • Display PC is not already logged in, requires user to log in to gain PC/network access (user will be prompted after auto-input switch)
  • Display is powered on but is in sleep mode
    • If the display is in power save or sleep mode, touch the display or use the remote or power button, then tap the NFC tag.
  • Display PC is powered on but is in sleep mode
    • If the display PC is in sleep mode, touch the keyboard, then tap the NFC tag.

The NFC tap initiates auto-input switching if the display is not already on the defined Go agent PC input. Both tap first and tap last (i.e., foreground and background operation) are supported.

For background operation (tap first), auto-switching is enabled and multiple files can be shared. However, if someone changes to another input, the user will have to tap the NFC tag again to auto-switch back to the correct input to share additional files.

If the display PC is not logged in, a message will appear prompting the user to log in with their Microsoft or Google Workspace credentials. Go files can then be shared to display by that user and other Go mobile users. [View Image]

If an error occurs, the user must switch the input manually and contact the administrator. [View Image]


Return to Default Input Usage

Once display and Admin Portal configurations are complete, the return to default input feature is ready for Go users.  

  1. After files are downloaded via Go Share or Meet operations (for viewing or remote operations), at the end of collaboration, the Synappx Go user can select Restore Display on the Shared Files screen. [View Image]
  2. A message will confirm that all downloaded files will be saved and the display input will be returned to default. [View Image]

Note: If default display has not been set, user will receive an error message and request to have default input set.  User can still use normal remote close operations to close and save downloadable files.

Note:  Synappx Collaboration Hub (combined Synappx Go and Synappx Meeting) benefits from configuration of the automatic return to default input feature and is strongly recommended.