This section is to help with any simple issues that you may come across when Using Synappx Cloud Print.

There is a quick setup guide that takes you quickly and efficiently through the complete setup of Synappx Cloud Print. If you are having any difficulties setting up the solution, please refer to the Quick Guide [View Image].

MFP Showing HTTP Status 500 Error Message

This is displayed if the MFP is attempting to connect to Synappx Cloud Print but is not registered in the Portal, Devices.

Please add the device to the portal, activate it and reboot the device [View Image].

Cannot discover any Devices from the Portal

If you are unable to search for devices from the Admin Portal, this may be because you do not have a client running on the local network. It is the Client that runs the search.

You must be logged into the Client as the same Admin user as on the Admin Portal to successfully search for Devices [View Image].

Unable to release Print Jobs from MFP

If you can see print jobs listed on the MFP but are unable to release them successfully, you may need to check that IPP-SSL/TLS is enabled on your device.

Check from System Settings – Security Settings – SSL/TLS Settings [View Image].