Job History

The Job History tab lists all of your jobs that have passed through the system, including finished, cancelled, or deleted jobs. All Print, Scan and Copy jobs are included in history [View Image].

As with the Job Queue, jobs can be ordered by clicking on the appropriate column, which includes:

  • Date / Time
  • User
  • Job Name
  • Job Location
  • Status

Filtering Jobs

On both Job Queue and Job History pages there is an option for filtering jobs.

Once text entry begins, your jobs are filtered to display only those jobs that match any part of the string entered [View Image].

Items Per Page can be set on Job Queue and Job History pages to show that number of jobs per page. The setting is remembered on the next page visit. You can switch between multiple pages by using the left, right, start and end icons next to the Items Per Page setting [View Image].

On both Job Queue and Job History pages you are presented with your current “Green” credentials [View Image].