Installing the Keyboard Emulation driver for USB Card Readers for Group 2 Devices

Sharp Group 2 A4 devices can work with most USB card readers that support keyboard emulation mode once the keyboard emulation driver is installed.

To Install:

Input the IP address of the Group 2 Device into a web browser to navigate to the configuration page of the MFP.

From the web page options, select Apps [View Image].

From the Apps page, select Install an App [View Image].

Use the Browse button to browse for the supplied .fls file and then click Install [View Image].

This will install the embedded application Keyboard Reader on to the Group 2 device.

A supported USB card reader can now be plugged into the Group 2 device USB port and used for card login.

Note: To support Lexmark RFID card reader, you also need to install the OmniKey driver. Please follow the steps above and install omnikey5427ckdriver-1.2.15.fls.