The Dashboard

The admin portal home page will now be displayed showing the Synappx Cloud Print Admin Dashboard with the navigation menu on the left of the screen [View Image].

The logged in user details are displayed in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Clicking on the user details displays the option to log out [View Image].

The Dashboard screen area displays several “green” values.

In the top right-hand area of the screen is information regarding environmental credentials.

If you login as “Admin” you will see company information [View Image].

If you log in as a “user” you will see your own personal information [View Image].

Displayed in the lower left section of the Dashboard is Total Pages Output in Colour and B&W.

Logging in as Admin will display the total for the organisation. Logging in as a User will display the totals for that particular user [View Image].

In the lower right section of the Dashboard is the Total Pages output compared to 1 year ago.

For an Admin login this will display the total for the organisation. For a user login this will display the total for that user [View Image].

Across the centre of the Dashboard is information regarding Users, Devices and Licenses [View Image].

  • Users: Displays the total number of Users added to Synappx Cloud Print and how many have been activated [View Image].
  • Devices: Displays the number of Devices discovered on the network and how many have been activated [View Image].
  • Licenses: Displays the number of licenses you have available in total; how many have been assigned and how many are unassigned [View Image].

Clicking on any of the Icons next to Users, Devices or Licenses will link to the appropriate area in the Admin Portal [View Image].

The Menu Bar

On the left-hand side is the menu bar, where there are a number of options for administrative functions. Selecting one of these will open the appropriate option window or expand the selection [View Image].

Selecting the arrow at the bottom of the page will collapse or expand the menu bar as shown [View Image].

Some selections expand to reveal “child” sections, such as System which expands to show the log screens and Settings which expands to show further administrative options

At the foot of the Admin Portal are links to Synappx Cloud Print [View Image]:

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