Users (Add and Activate Users)

The Users area is where users from your Cloud Tenant can be added to the Synappx Cloud Print system.

You can quickly see your user Status, User Role, User Name, Email Address and possible Actions. You are able to add users, remove users, activate/deactivate users, search for users and filter users [View Image].

Adding Users

When you first log in, you will only have the initial logged in Admin user available. From the Users screen click the [+] button, (as you hover the mouse over the button it will display “Add Users” [View Image].

Users can be selected by User Name or Email address. When characters are typed you will be presented with a list of users from your tenant who match the typed string [View Image].

When Save is clicked, the user will be added to the Portal.

Newly added users are not yet activated.

Activating Users

Initially the new user will show as “inactive.” Select the user and click Activate user to activate the user. Active users can be set to inactive by selecting Deactivate user [View Image] [View Image].

For both activating and deactivating users, multiple users can be selected by using the check boxes to the left of their Username [View Image].

Filtering Users

You may soon have too many users to easily manage. For this reason, there are two additional tools available in the Users area, the View tool and the Filter Users tool.

The [View] tool lets you select to display a list of [View Image]:

  • All Users
  • Active Users
  • Inactive Users

The Filter Users tool can be used in conjunction with the [View] tool to further filter users by inputting any part of their username or email address [View Image].

At the bottom of the user list is an Items per Page option.

This can be set to 5, 10, 25 or 100 to show as many users as is preferable. The choice you make is remembered for the next time you return to this screen [View Image].

Unregistering a Swipe Card

If  a user has a swipe card registered against their name, they can remove it from this screen. Any user with a card registered will show three dots beneath the Actions tab as shown [View Image].

By clicking on the 3 dots you have the option to Unregister Card.

On the top right-hand side of the Users screen you are shown how many total users you have available in the Admin Portal [View Image].

You are also able to refresh the data on the Users screen by clicking the Refresh button [View Image].