Quick Start Guide

This Quick Guide is designed for users who are new to the solution to quickly and easily have it setup and logged in to a Sharp MFP using Synappx Cloud Print. Then to be able to print, copy and scan from that device.

The Admin & User Guide is a more comprehensive guide that will go into more detail on each area of the solution.

If you require any support using Synappx Cloud Print or discover any potential bugs, please log them on the ESBC support portal  at https://sharpesbc.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1

When raising any issues, please ensure you select Synappx Cloud Print as the reason for the ticket.


For the purpose of this Quick Guide the various Sharp MFP models have been placed into two groups, Group 1 & Group 2

Sharp MFP Groups

Group 1 Devices:

MX-2651, MX-3051, MX-3551, MX-4051, MX-5051, MX-6051, MX-3061, MX-3561, MX-4061, MX-3061S, MX-3561S, MX-4061S, MX-3071, MX-3571, MX-4071, MX-5071, MX-6071, MX-3071S,  MX-3571S, MX-4071S, MX-5071S, MX-6071S, MX-M2651, MX-M3051, MX-M3551, MX-M4051, MX-M5051, MX-M6051, MX-M3071, MX-M3571, MX-M4071, MX-M5071, MX-M6071, MX-M3071S, MX-M3571S,
MX-M4071S, MX-M5071S, MX-M6071S, MX-C303W, MX-C304W, MX-C303WH, MX-C304WH, MX-B356WH, MX-B356W, MX-B456WH, MX-B456W, BP30C25, MX-7081, MX-8081, BP30M28, BP30M31, BP30M35, MX-M1056, MX-M1206, BP-50C26, BP-50C31, BP-50C36, BP-50C45, BP-50C55, BP-50C65, BP-55C26, BP-60C31, BP-60C36, BP-60C45, BP-70C31, BP-70C36, BP-70C45, BP-70C55, BP-70C65, BP-90C70, BP-90C80, BP-50M26, BP-50M31, BP-50M36, BP-50M45, BP-50M55, BP-50M65, BP-70M31, BP-70M36, BP-70M45, BP-70M55, BP-70M65, BP-C533WR, BP-C533WD, BP-C542WD, BP-B537WR, BP-B547WD, BP-70M75, BP-70M90

Group 2 Devices:

MX-C407P, MX-C507P, MX-C428P, MX-C607P, MX-C357F, MX-C358F, MX-C428F, MX-C528F, MX-C557F, MX-C607F, MX-B427PW, MX-B427W, MX-B467P, MX-B467F, MX-B468P, MX-B468F, MX-B557P, MX-707P, MX-B557F, MX-B707F

Step 1. Accounts required for Setup
Step 2. Enable Print Logging on Client PC
Step 3. Install Printer Driver and Configure
Step 4. Install the Synappx Cloud Print Client
Step 5. Login to Synappx Cloud Print Portal - Add an MFP to your Tenant
Step 6. Configure MFP Settings
Step 7. Login to MFP
Step 8. Print a test page on MFP, Scan and Copy