The Administrator Portal

The style and layout of the admin and user portals have been designed following the Synappx design guide.

Note: Before you can login to the Administrator Portal you must have received a “Welcome” E-Mail in which you are requested to select your provider, (Google Workspace or Microsoft 365). After you have made a selection, you will receive a confirmation E-Mail with the link to login to the Administrator Portal.

To log into the administrator portal, go to the following url:

Enter your Admin credentials [View Image].

On the first login the admin or user will see the Terms & Conditions of Use screen. You must click Agree to continue, (if you decline you will be logged out) [View Image].

After the Terms & Conditions screen, you will be shown the [Initial Setup] pop-up. This takes you through all the steps required to setup Synappx Cloud Print if required [View Image].

If you do not wish to see this screen each time you login select No at the bottom of the screen, where asked “Do you wish to see this guide again?”

Once logged in, from the Dashboard you are always able to get back to the Initial Setup Steps by clicking the button Setup Guide [View Image].