Creating Custom Reports

Custom Reports can be created where you are able to select any of the currently available parameters which will then be used to generate a custom report. The output of custom reports, as with the pre-defined reports, can be in PDF document or Excel format.

Custom reports can be created by selecting the + button in Reports [View Image].

The custom report requires a report name and an existing report selected that it will duplicate [View Image].

Once a Duplicate existing report has been selected, the new custom report parts can be edited [View Image].

For each section you are able to remove and add all available report parameters [View Image].

In this example, the parameters are already selected from the existing report, but each one can be easily removed by clicking on the “Trash” icon [View Image].

To add report parameters click on Column to see the list of available parameters, (that are not already selected) [View Image][View Image].

Once selected, some parameters have additional requirements under the Aggregation column [View Image].

Each parameter you select for the custom report can be added by using the Plus button [View Image].

When happy with the custom report, click the Add button to add it to existing reports [View Image].

The custom report is now available to be Executed, Edited or Deleted by clicking the Actions button [View Image].

When executing the custom report, you are able to select a date range and export format as with regular reports [View Image][View Image].