Step 7. Login to MFP

Ensure the QR code is displayed on the MFP by pressing the QR Code button [View Image].

You can also login using Username & Password by clicking the icon beneath the QR Code icon (Group 1 Devices running OSA 6.0 and above devices only).

Using a mobile phone, scan the QR code on the MFP front panel and follow the link to login to Synappx Cloud Print [View Image] [View Image] [View Image].

Note: An iPhone may display the confirmation screen before the login screen.

The Microsoft authentication process will ask for Device Confirmation (currently the code is not displayed on the MFP so just press Confirm).

When successfully logged in, you will see a confirmation screen as shown. Next time you scan the QR code you will not be required to log in again.

Once logged in you will see this screen [View Image].To setup a PIN or card login click the settings icon.

From settings:

Register a card or PIN for easy log in [View Image].

If you select Register a Card, then a prompt to swipe the card will be displayed [View Image].

If Generate a PIN is selected then a new PIN will be displayed with the option to accept it, cancel it, or generate another [View Image].

At this point you now have the ability to login with PIN, card or QR code.