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Synappx Cloud Print

Optimum productivity, security and sustainability.

    Developed exclusively for Sharp multi-function printers, with Synappx Cloud Print you can enjoy more productive, secure and sustainable printing.

    Synappx Cloud Print is designed for hassle-free, flexible and cost-effective print management. As a true cloud-based solution, it provides secure printing and print accounting ‘as a service’, so it requires no investment in on-premises infrastructure. Quite simply, it works where you do – whether it is in the office or at home [View Image]. 

    In use the customer only requires an SCP client on the PC they wish to print from, a Sharp Group 1 or 2 MFP and an internet connection, no other infrastructure such as print servers or network connection devices are required.

    Synappx Cloud Print includes the following features:

    • Integration and authentication with Azure AD
    • Simple administration using a cloud administrator console
    • Print accounting and auditing
    • Print reporting with both preset and custom report options
    • Embedded MFP application for secure print-release including finishing options
    • User sustainability messaging